Welcome to Ra G'yud Embroidery Digitizing Service

Ra G’gyud (pronounced ra gyood), formerly in Seattle, Washington now relocated in Gilbert City, Arizona USA is owned and operated by Ben Graham who worked as embroidery digitizer for more than 15 years, serving countless custom embroidery companies and other sectors.

All designs are manually digitized, and images are appropriately interpreted to get the utmost visual quality of resulting embroidered designs.  Designs are carefully digitized to run efficiently and smoothly to any embroidery machine.  Are you ready? Give us a try! You will be pleasantly surprised.

Work Samples
Want to test our embroidery digitizing performance yourself?  Download it HERE.

Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidered Super Mario Bothers Character for Nintendo
Embroidered Super Mario Bothers Character for Nintendo Fire Ball

Image Vectorization

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